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Dan Hunt: USL PRO affiliate announcement now targeted for first of the year

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Dan Hunt reveals some updates for the USL PRO announcement.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This whole FC Dallas and a USL PRO affiliate seems to continue to drag on as we near Christmas. In an interview with Steve Hunt at the Dallas Morning News, FCD president Dan Hunt revealed that the club just needs to finalize a couple things before making the announcement.

It's actually imminent. We're down to final signatures. Where we are is Major League Soccer has the broader relationship with USL Pro, so there's language that's been worked out between the leagues. Obviously still we're trying to figure out the mechanisms for bringing players up and down. That's really the final step here but we're down to final signatures here.

For ages it seemed like FCD would make the announcement in early December, something that Hunt had previous said would happen. But now, it looks like we're going to be waiting until after the New Year.

Yeah, let's call it no later than the first of the year because we also have to make our plans with players and where we see different players fitting in. So it would be no later than that. Everything else is agreed upon.

That last line is a tad frustrating to hear but that is just the nature of these things. FCD has always been a cautious bunch to begin with and I wouldn't be shocked to see it not be announced until the SuperDraft.

Hunt mentions all the 'little nuances' in the interview, which tells me that they are carefully figuring out who to send on loan next year.

So for those folks wanting to get this crossed off their Christmas list, it looks like it may be a bit more of a New Years resolution type thing instead.