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Stage Two of the MLS Re-Entry Draft has strong Dallas ties

Several local products involved in tomorrow's draft.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we touched on several options that FC Dallas could be looking at the in the 2014 MLS Re-Entry Draft. As you might expect, FCD opted to pass in stage one and will now enter tomorrow's second stage with plenty of decent options that they can work with going into 2015.

I had a short list of guys to consider, all of whom are still available. But I wanted to call out the players today that have local ties that would be worth considering in tomorrow's draft. It never hurts to bring home a guy to play in front of his family and friends to help spark their careers again.

[For what it is worth, I see FCD snagging someone that played for Oscar Pareja in Colorado...but you just never know ]

Four with Dallas ties

Andre Akpan (New England) - I mentioned him last week as a Stage One option. He's a cheap option too at just under $50k. Adding some depth to the forwards (and he could play out wide too) isn't a bad idea if the price is good. I know our old pal Daniel Robertson has been dying to get Akpan in Frisco since as long as I can remember.

Corben Bone (Philadelphia) - The Plano native is another cheap, cheap option to consider. Bone has been one of those guys that had a following from the local scene to the college game during his days at Wake Forrest. Sadly enough in the four years he has been in MLS, both Chicago and Philadelphia did little to develop him. Maybe that is part of who he is but maybe he just needs to return home under Oscar Pareja.

Hunter Jumper (Chicago) - I'm not completely sold on going after this Plano native in the draft but I wouldn't be against at least giving him a preseason look. After all, Dallas does need some depth at fullback.

Stephen McCarthy (New England) - This Fort Worth guy has played against some quality teams over the years, especially during his Dallas Texans days (that 88s team was something special). He is another defensive player that could provide quality depth. Out of all these guys, McCarthy does come with a bit of a bigger price tag, as he made just over $100k in 2014.