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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Who is ready to get their Gold Cup tickets today?

DC United

After getting teased with an announcement on Monday, we all sure got a nice holiday bonus with the news that the US national team is coming to town next year. We'll likely discuss that more in the coming future but first lets get into some morning headlines.

// FC Dallas //

Getting to know Dan Kennedy | Dallas Morning News

Definitely some good nuggets in here for FCD fans.

A long time coming for USMNT fans |

It will be a bit of a different look and feel to the US's return to Frisco. Last time it was a cold March night. This time around it will likely be hot.

FCD season review |

Plenty of good notes and thoughts to wrap up the 2014 season for the club.

// MLS //

MLS continues to remain in discussion for Torres |

The December 15 deadline came and went but MLS is still working on signing Erick Torres. And no, I do not think he'll end up in Dallas. Sources tell me he is staying on the west coast. But then again crazier things have happened.

Rimando and Beckerman sign extensions | RSL Soapbox

While other parts of this club seem to be in flux, signing these two important cornerstones seems like a very wise move.

Craig Waibel named RSL technical director | RSL Soapbox

I think this is one of a few moves that are likely to happen in Salt Lake. The writing is on the wall.

McCarty in Orlando? Not so fast. | Once a Metro

I still firmly believe Dax McCarty will be in an Orlando uniform at some point in the future, but New York seems very keen on keeping him right now. As they should.

Big day in DC, with three separate stadium votes on the line | Black and Red United

Everyone keep good thoughts and vibes towards the DCU stadium today.

DCU owner opens up to Brian Straus | Black and Red United

Another solid interview coming to but was partly tweeted out too. If all things go well, we could also see a little brand enhancement from DCU in the future too. Interesting, I still believe they are one MLS club that should never tweak their logo at all.

Jordan Morris deciding between Stanford and Seattle | Sounder at Heart

It sounds like Morris wants to make the jump but like all things it will come down to money. Even if he isn't saying it.

Alright, that is all that I have for now. What do you all have today?