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Report: Dallas could be a host city for Copa America

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Obviously that means we're likely to see a game or two at Jerryworld.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The Copa America Centenario is coming to America in 2016 and it could easily be the biggest tournament played on our soil since the 1994 World Cup. According to a report in the Brazil Globo, Dallas could be one of the host cities for the big tournament.

Dallas is one of the 23 cities still in the running to play host to the tournament that will feature all 10 South American nations as well was the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica and two still-to-be-determined CONCACAF countries. The tournament will run from June 3-26, 2016.

The document produced by Globo shows 11 cities in one color: Seattle, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Nashville, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.

Another 12 cities were highlighted in a different shade: San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Denver, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Charlotte and Jacksonville.

What do the colors mean? It is hard to tell but we do know that Atlanta and Miami are not in consideration at this time due to stadium construction in those cities. It is good to see Dallas in the mix with the other big cities like Seattle, LA and New York. Given that AT&T Stadium has hosted Gold Cup matches and other big games in the past, it seems like that would be a likely spot for a game or two in this tournament. Then again, we all could be pleasantly surprised to see the Cotton Bowl used as the venue, which would really be more Dallas than Arlington like JerryWorld is.