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FC Dallas has a couple options in the 2014 MLS Re-Entry Draft

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Who could FC Dallas add in the Re-Entry Draft?

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For the last couple of years we have seen a slew of players go through the Re-Entry Draft process. Most of the time the first stage is rather pointless with only a couple names drawn out. Teams aren't typically willing to use their selection on a guy that they're going to have to potentially overpay in the following season for. The second stage is typically where all the action is though.

Given the two rounds of the draft are spread out over a week period it gives us some time to see who FC Dallas might be looking at with the 12th pick in the Draft. Out of the 62 names in the draft we could also see the club work out a deal to bring back one of the three guys that played for the team in 2014 (my money is still on Hendry Thomas).

Stage One gambles

Kamani Hill (Colorado) - Should Oscar be looking at some of his old players, Hill might be one worth looking at. His salary is dirt cheap at just under $50k. Hill could be one of those nice sparks to have off the bench behind Mauro Diaz or even someone that could be serviceable from the wings.

Martin Rivero (Chivas) - Yet another former Colorado guy for Pareja to consider here. The one thing I like about considering him is his age, he's only 25. Add in the fact that he only made $50k last year makes him an attractive thought.

Andre Akpan (New England) - A local kid that I've always wanted here in Dallas. He's a cheap option too at just under $50k. Adding some depth to the forwards (and he could play out wide too) isn't a bad idea if the price is good.

Stage Two options

Marvell Wynne (Colorado) - I keep thinking he would do well here under Pareja, who he was probably at his best in parts of 2012 and 2013. He can be used in the middle of the defense and at fullback. Just think, having him and Fabian Castillo on one wing would be terrifying for opposing defenses. He is an expensive option to try though but at least in stage two you can work on a new contract. I'm not sure he is still worth the $200k+ that he has been making in Colorado.

Omar Cummings (Houston) - Another options I've been wanting in Dallas for a long time as well. The guy can be so good when he is healthy. I'll throw that out to begin with. In the right system too, he can be a monster. I think Pareja could work his magic on him. Does he fit this current team? Maybe...but I think it would be fun to find out.

Nathan Sturgis (Chivas USA) - Another former Rapids player under Pareja but one that I was thinking was a possibility in the Dispersal Draft as well. Sturgis can thrive in the right set up and he did well under Pareja in Colorado last year. He is a tad pricer at $120k though.

Patrick Ianni (Chicago) - If FCD wants to go for depth in the defense like they did a couple years ago to snag Stephen Keel, Ianni may be a guy worth looking at. He has plenty of good experience in MLS during his time in Seattle and more recently in Chicago. His price tag should be down a tad as he made $150k last year.