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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Expansion Draft day is here.

I'm gonna be doing a lot of this later today...probably.
I'm gonna be doing a lot of this later today...probably.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I feel like Bruce here as today is bound to be a wild one as the MLS Expansion Draft is here. Thankfully MLS will be streaming the draft online at 1pm CT today. Orlando is taking it a step further with streaming their 'war room' audio as well.

// FC Dallas //

Expansion Draft explained |

Our club gives us a little explanation as to how things will go down today.

Keel's take on MLS Cup |

Our favorite blonde-haired defender was at MLS Cup last weekend taking over one of the league's social media accounts. He came back to Frisco to give his take on the trip. Definitely some good quotes in this one worth reading.

// MLS //

Mock expansion draft |

Scrolling through all of this I was thinking, wow, FC Dallas could actually make it out without losing a single player. But then of course near the bottom they lose one.

Why Kreis should look at players with long throw-in abilities |

This is certainly an interesting argument going into today's draft. One that I do find underrated from a non-set piece ability that is very valuable to have and often overlooked.

Dynamo take chance with hiring Coyle |

I'm still scratching my head at this hire. While Owen Coyle is a fine manager and has done good things in England, that doesn't mean it will translate well here in MLS. Managers from that side of the pond have typically flamed out bad in MLS but maybe they'll have a gem in this hire.

Orlando searches for experience when building out their core | Fox Sports

You still have to tip your hats to what Orlando has done thus far. Today will be interesting for sure to see what else they add to their roster around these guys and Kaka.

Keane pondering next chapter after MLS Cup win |

I don't think he'll leave just yet but it sounds like the Galaxy could need to begin looking heavily now for his replacement as well as Landon Donovan's.

Alright, things are a little light here this morning but what you do all have today? Excited to be able to listen to the Expansion Draft while you 'work'? We'll try to get the embed of that feed and place it on here as well.