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2014 Big D Soccer Awards: Best Defensive Player of the Year

There was little doubt in the end who was the top defender for FCD in 2014.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

While offense typically gets all the glory in sports, in some ways it always reflects on the defense that supporters that attack that really makes a team special. FC Dallas had a tough year in the back but after some patch work by Oscar Pareja the defense went from leaky to strong as the year went on.

Up today in our penultimate award of 2014 from our staff, we look at who the top defender was for FCD in 2014. This one came down to a slightly split vote between Matt Hedges and Zach Loyd, but in the end the team captain came away with our vote.

Ben: Matt Hedges - Also, speaking of not being a finalist for an 'Of the Year' award...seriously? Another victim of coastal bias.

Drew - Matt Hedges - While I was impressed that Loyd was able to return from injury and look very much like the player we grew to love during his first two seasons with the team, it was Hedges that really turned the corner for this group in 2014. After a bumpy start, Hedges led the defense and really just lead the team over all in a way that we haven't seen in some time.

Jason: Matt Hedges - In the spirit of naming a different player in each position, this one belongs to the Captain. Calm, composed and really came into his own as a USMNT caliber player.

Jay - Matt Hedges

Mo - Zach Loyd - Zach played everywhere on the back line. Enough said.

Owen - Matt Hedges

Ryan - Zach Loyd - Was wherever we needed him and whenever we needed him. Once we put him in the back with Hedges, things really started to turn around.

Scott - Zach Loyd - Agree with Mo, he played all over and proved versatile. He showed great pace, ball skills and the ability to really get involved in the attack.

Taylor: Matt Hedges - I mean, how was I not going to go with Hedges? He played so well this year. If he doesn't get a call for the USMNT camp in January, I'd be surprised.