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Dispersal Draft set for November 19, FC Dallas has decent chance at a good pick

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Weighted draw will determine draft order, not previous year's finish.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

For the most part, I like many FC Dallas fans figured the Dispersal Draft for Chivas USA to be of little value but on Friday, MLS announced that the order will be determined by a weighted draw, instead of a previous year finish like the SuperDraft.

The draft be held on Nov. 19 -- during the break in the MLS Cup playoffs -- and the order will be decided by a weighted draw on Nov. 14. Video of the draw will be made available to the public on The Dispersal Draft will be held during a private conference call. Teams will keep picking until all the players have been selected or all the teams have passed on their selections.

Playoff teams will be given one envelope, while non-playoff teams plus Orlando City and New York City FC will each be given two envelopes. A league representative will pick envelopes until each team has a slot. FCD will have a 1 in 30 chance to get the top pick.

Now here are some of the catches involved with this draft. Players picked in the Dispersal Draft will have their 2015 options guaranteed and teams will need to assume the full salary-cap implications of their contract and whatever associated loan or transfer fees come along with it. Of the players included are a couple Homegrown guys like Marky Delgado and Caleb Calvert.

Those not involved will be Erick Torres. We will have to continue to wait to see if the league exercises the option to buy his contract from Chivas in Mexico. I wouldn't get too excited even if they do, as fun as it would be to have Torres, I'm hearing that FCD will likely not be a team in the running for him. Then again, all that can change at any point.

The league also announced that all draft picks held by teams in the 2015 SuperDraft after previous trades with Chivas USA will he honored, and all picks held by Chivas USA will be deleted. According to the league, all draft picks retained by Chivas USA for the 2016 SuperDraft will be deleted except for the team's second-round pick traded to Columbus, which will be placed 11th in the 2016 draft order.