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Tesho Akindele turns down Canadian national team call-up

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The rookie forward is getting interest from the US side.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In a small way it seems fitting to hear this news. Every time I or one of the other reporters here in town ask Tesho Akindele anything remotely Canadian, either be about scoring on Vancouver in the playoffs or whatever. The response always seems to be the same that he doesn't really seem to care about his native land from the north.

It isn't to say that Akindele doesn't like being Canadian, no, it is simply more to do with the fact that he will tell you he is more focused on being apart of FC Dallas instead.

Well, the news broke from TSN in Canada that the Rookie of the Year candidate has turned down a call-up from the Canadian national team.

TSN has learned FC Dallas forward Tesho Akindele has decided not to accept call-up from Canada after interest from the United States.

Canada thought Akindele would join them for an upcoming camp but he has since changed his mind.

Poor Canada. Assuming a player would join them. I want to feel bad for them in this situation as he is another young talent that could be slipping away from their grasp.

What do you think? Should Akindele have accepted the call-up from Canada? Or should he turn his focus to the US team given that he has been in the States since moving to Denver at an early age.