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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, November 6, 2014

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The slow crawl towards Monday continues.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

We're past the midway point in the week, which only means the weekend is nearly here. Time to get into some daily links to start out the morning.

// FC Dallas //

Talking Tesho's different roles in the playoffs |

Some good looks at how and what Tesho Akindele has been able to do for the club in the playoffs so far.

Advancement scenarios for Monday |

Okay, this is pretty clever to do on the club's digital team. Who's rooting for a 2-2 draw now?

// MLS //

Rookie of the Year battles |

Tesho in third. Boo. I have to say it is rather annoying at times at how much the league's website has a crush on Harry Shipp. He's a quality player, don't get me wrong, but his season really wasn't that much better than Tesho's. Sometimes you see what you want see.

Effects of the away goals will be felt in the second legs |

In some series, I'm sure they will. In others like New York-DC series, I'm not so sure they will.

Sounders add their 4th HGP | Sounder at Heart

It wasn't Jordan Morris but from the sounds of things, this 17-year old is pretty good too. I'm sure more are on the way with their USL team starting up too.

Darwin Jones on the Sounders' radar | Sounder at Heart

Here is another HGP prospect for the Sounders. Which makes me think, maybe I need to re-do my list of future prospects for FCD at some point in the near future.

Orlando City reveals home jerseys |

Like I mentioned yesterday, these looks fairly similar to FCD's home kits. Very sharp. This may be my new Eastern Conference team to follow a little more closely.

DCU stadium issues continue with land talk | Black and Red United

So much was discussed yesterday with the potential DCU stadium. Not sure if any of it was good talk though.

The new LAFC owners are worth how much? | The Goat Parade

They're like go-zillionaries combined.

Gilberto's one year adjustment period in MLS | Waking the Red

The other DP in Toronto struggled just like the rest of the team did. But if you watch Gilberto, he does have some serious potential to be a budding star in this league.

NYCFC to compete in Carolina Challenge Cup |

The new expansion side joins, Charleston, Houston and Orlando in this annual preseason tournament. Still no word on where FCD will be training this offseason. Something tells me they will be returning to the Middle East.

That is all that I have for now. What do you make of the new Orlando kits? Lets talk about that and more below in the comments.