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Fabian Castillo has been slowed down by a hip flexor

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The Colombian speedster has been slowed down lately.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If you have watched Fabian Castillo play over the last month you may not have noticed it. The Colombian midfielder for FC Dallas has been slowed down just enough by an injury to his hamstring and now more recently to his hip.

The Dallas Morning News' Steve Hunt caught up with FCD manager Oscar Pareja about the injury after yesterday's training.

"He knows that he needs to be better, but he has been struggling with a hip flexor," Pareja said on Monday after a regeneration session. "I hope that this week we can rehab him a little bit more to see if we can have him plenty in the next game. He has been inconsistent in the last two games and not like he has been during the season."

"It has been better (lately) but it comes and goes. Against Portland, he felt pretty healthy and then against Vancouver at the end, he felt it again. We rested him last week the last few days before Seattle. We rested him and treated him and his reaction was pretty good," Pareja said. "He did some specific work, different work, side work. Today he felt better. This game didn't hurt him, which is good news."

FC Dallas was off from training today but this could be something to keep watch on as FC Dallas heads to Seattle next Monday for the second leg of the Western Conference semifinals.

The Sounders do play on the good ol' fake grass at CenturyLink Field. I can personally attest that hip flexors and fake grass do not mix well over time but I would imagine that Castillo will be fine for this game.