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2014 Big D Soccer Awards: U-23 Player of the Year

With so many young players, which one was the best?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes when things go well, there are more awards to give out. That is the case this year as we are giving out a few FC Dallas related awards. Up today is a look at who is the club's best U-23 player in 2014.

We tallied up the votes and Fabian Castillo came away with our award.

Ben: Fabian Castillo - He was an absolute monster in the 0-5 win at San Jose, but the games I'll remember him really demonstrating his quality was the loss against Sounders in April where he continually skinned DeAndre Yedlin. This made me seriously question the inclusion of Yedlin on the World Cup squad, but Yedlin has looked great since he came back from a successful Cup that earned him a big transfer to Tottenham Hotspur. Castillo has world class ability and showed a little bit better with his decision-making and his off foot this season. I'm extremely interested to see if the 22 year old takes the next step in 2015. If he does, FC Dallas will challenge for the Western Conference championship next year, too.

Drew: Fabian Castillo - It is hard to believe that he is just 22 years old. After 10 goals this year, the sky is indeed the limit for him with Oscar Pareja coaching this team.

Jason: Victor Ulloa - Most steady and consistent player in the squad. Rarely ever makes a mistake and incredibly composed on the ball.

Jay: Victor Ulloa - While there are so many great options for this award on this team, to me it has to go to Victor Ulloa. Was there any bigger shock in the FC Dallas lineup than this young man? A kid written off by the front office, most fans, myself included, and probably every other team in the league. Everyone except Oscar Pareja, and Ulloa paid the coach's faith back in spades. To say Victor has a bright future is an understatement.

Mo: Tesho Akindele - It is pretty awesome that I struggled to make this decision with so many great young players on this team. My nod goes to the Rookie of the Year.

Owen: Fabian Castillo - It's Fabian again, but .. but if I'm not allowed to pick him, then it's Tesho, then Ulloa.

Ryan: Fabian Castillo - Improved his decision making, improved his control on the ball, and wasn't just a pace-only kind of attacker. Really made defenses think twice before going forward too much, and made them pay when they did.

Scott: Fabian Castillo - The man figured it out this year and proved that he can be that cornerstone player we need him to be. He now has the league's attention and it's so relieving that we have him and don't have to face him.

Taylor: Fabian Castillo - A lot of us predicted Castillo would have a big year under Pareja, and he did. Can't wait to see what this guy does next year!