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Big D Daily: News for Monday, November 3, 2014

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It wasn't a win but it also wasn't a loss last night to Seattle.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Playoffs are never easy and last night FC Dallas got a dose of just how difficult things can be at home against Seattle. We'll dive into the game soon enough today but up first are your daily links.

// FC Dallas //

FCD Notebook: More lineup changes and Michel remains perfect from the spot | Dallas Morning News

A few notes from last night's game as FCD ended up with a 1-1 draw in the first leg of the conference semifinals.

Pareja remains confident |

The confidence in this bunch did not waver after last night's game. They know they can score in Seattle.

FCD not backing down |

Going to Seattle won't be easy next Monday though.

Seattle makes it ugly and leaves FCD with point |

Hard to fault Seattle for bunkering once they got their away goal last night.

// MLS //

Three things we learned from FCD-Seattle |

The comment about FCD needing to change things up is rather amusing. That is just how this club plays when Blas Perez gets shut down.

Seattle played exactly the game they wanted to |

I said shortly after their goal that they were content with the draw but honestly they looked just as content with leaving Frisco down 1-0 too.

Dallas frustrated by Seattle |

Just like this report states, Dallas was the better team last night.

New York dominates DC in first leg |

The Knockout Round winners in the east look like the best side in that conference right now to me.

Why geographical blackouts are terrible for MLS | Once a Metro

I believe some of you may have had issues watching last night, even though this one was on ESPN. But others around the country are having just as difficult of a time watching playoff soccer too.

Folks in Minnesota vying for stadium sites | Star Tribune

A couple groups are looking for a MLS team in the Twins Cities.

Gordon Hartman is getting some backing from Japan for MLS side | San Antonio Business Journal

I may go more in depth into this one later on but San Antonio sort of fell way behind Sacramento and Minnesota recently in the expansion race, and the one big reason why was due to the money. If this report is true, San Antonio may jump back up the list here.

Alright, I know that was a bunch so feel free to dive into this and comment on anything below that is on your mind.