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2014 Big D Soccer Awards: Un-Sung Hero

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Who stepped up the most in 2014? We voted.

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Since award season is going on in Major League Soccer, we here at Big D Soccer have decided to have a vote of our own for five FC Dallas-related awards. We're going to be rolling them all out in the coming days, with our first awards.

Up today is a look at who our writers thought was the club's Un-Sung Hero of the Year.

At the end of the day one player really ran away with this vote from our staff as Je-Vaughn Watson was named the Big D Soccer Un-Sung Hero of the Year.

Ben: Je-Vaughn Watson - He kept a wing warm in the early season while Andres Escobar was getting used to the league/enjoying the seemingly obligatory trip to the nursery and added some decent offensive production. Then he was moved to right back and was a plus player despite not having anything resembling meaningful experience. I actually liked him better there than Zack Loyd by the end of the year. He even pitched in a steady shift at Center back towards the end of the year. Add in the leadership and enthusiasm OP gushed about, and this guy did a complete 180 from the near pariah status he enjoyed in 2013.

Drew: Je-Vaughn Watson - In a way you have to really credit Oscar Pareja for gambling with Watson at right back midway through the season. Thanks to injuries and suspensions, Watson shifted gears from a midfielder to a fullback with great ease and over time became one heck of a right back for the club. It may not have been his natural position to start out with but Pareja may have found Watson's true calling as a player.

Jason: Je-Vaughn Watson - Watson at right back may have been Pareja's best tactical move this year. Watson's combination of size and speed made him a very solid full back and his ability to get forward was a huge bonus.

Jay: Je-Vaughn Watson - Right wing, center back, fullback, Watson played them all with great success. If this were baseball he would be called a "utility man" and it was a role that was invaluable for FCD this season. His ability to step in at fullback, and be really good at it, allowed Zach Loyd to slide over to CB and thrive in the middle of defense. If you need any other argument for Watson to win this award then look no further than the cannon that sits in the northeast corner of Toyota Stadium and to the performance in Houston from the Jamaican that ensured its return.

Mo: Je-Vaughn Watson - My man, Je-Vaughn, started out this year as a right winger. Nobody expected much from him, but he adapted when called upon to become a right back (and an adequate one at that). I know for a fact that he doesn't prefer playing defense, but he was willing to do whatever it takes to help the team. Without his contribution, the backline isn't as strong as it was this year and yes a player that people will overlook if you don't remind them about him.

Owen: Zach Lloyd - Moved from outside back to center back and was solid. Victor Ulloa is my runner up here....

Ryan: Victor Ulloa - Apologies on not differing from these picks, but Victor Ulloa was an absolute workhorse that no one really talked about other than on Big D from what I saw. Thomas went down, Jacobson was traded away, and the re-signed academy product took the trust placed in him and absolutely ran with it.

Scott: Victor Ulloa - He simply came in and did everything he needed to, never tried to do too much, and really stepped up in a way I don't think any of us expected him to.

Taylor: Je-Vaughn Watson - You might as well call him Je-Vaughn "I can play anywhere you need me" Watson. Or "Mr. Utility." He did anything and everything Pareja asked of him. Watson had a huge bounce back year after many fans wanted him gone after his performance last season.

Who was your Un-Sung Hero in 2014 from FC Dallas? Have your say below and let us know what you think of our votes.