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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Turkey day is tomorrow folks!

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

For some of you, the start of the Thanksgiving holiday starts today, others of you may have to work while the lucky few out there have already been off these last two days. Whatever camp you are in today, lets get into some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Vote Raul! |

I had this up in yesterday's links but everyone needs to spend a few minutes flooding the vote for Save of the Year with Raul Fernandez!

// MLS //

Columbus announces new USL partnership with Austin | Massive Report

Everyone thought it would be FC Dallas but instead Columbus is ditching its local partner in Dayton for a new one in Texas. Alright then.

Berhalter explains Austin partnership |

It really comes down to who you know in the world. Columbus head coach Gregg Berhalter has a good relationship with Austin's manager, in a similar way that Oscar Pareja does with the Arizona manager.

Full list of USL affiliates and MLS-owned teams |

Incase you were wondering who is left on the USL-MLS deal, Chicago and the two New York teams lack a partner. Well, so does FCD until they formally announce the deal with Arizona.

SKC cleans house in roster moves | The Blue Testament

Talk about trimming the fat that didn't help them out this year.

Rapids decline options on 11 players | Burgundy Wave

Another team trimming the fat. Just looking at the list of names I wonder if there are any that Pareja would be interested in bringing to Frisco.

Houston declines options on several players | Dynamo Theory

No surprise here as a team without a coach begins trimming some fat as well. I won't lie, I see Omar Cummings available and immediately want him here in Frisco (if they can get a cheaper deal on him and more importantly if he can stay healthy).

Chad Marshall lands the Defender of the Year award for a third time | Sounder at Heart

Such a shame that Matt Hedges didn't even crack the top four. But Marshall was a worthy winner in my book so I'm not as bitter as some fans out there (mostly DCU fans..between this and the Rookie award, they are some bitter folks right now).

Stadium updates from Atlanta, Toronto and Orlando |

Toronto's updated digs will look awesome. The whole Atlanta thing still seems strange to me. Why couldn't their folks at least get the new MLS logo to use in their 'updated' renderings.

Alright, that all seems like enough for now. What say all of you on this Thanksgiving-eve?