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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Is it Thursday yet?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday certainly was a big day for FC Dallas as the club saw Tesho Akindele become the first Rookie of the Year in club history. We have that to dive into and more on this morning's links.

// FC Dallas //

Akindele honored to be ROY |

Tesho is such a humble kid, one of the many reasons why I've enjoyed watching him this year. It is also crazy to think that Oscar Pareja has coached two straight rookie of the year winners.

Relive the best moments from Tesho's rookie campaign |

Needs some highlights to start off the day? Here you go.

More from Tesho on the award |

Lots of high praise being slung around from his teammates too.

// MLS //

MLS playoff rewind |

Three big points from the weekend, all good stuff here.

How Jones and Scott avoided red cards in the first legs |

Some of the cards that were issued on Sunday were bad while others were missed. Typical MLS officiating.

Birnbaum places third in ROY race | Black and Red United

Lets just say folks in DC were not happy with yesterday's ROY announcement. I think salty was the right word used to describe their reaction. I would have the Fire's reaction placed here but their blog didn't post one. I don't think their fans were as shocked by the result as DCU's were through.

NYCFC reveal away kit for 2015 |

While the home kit spoke solely of their Man City owners, this road kit is more like it. Black with shades of orange and light blue. This one is rather nice. I just hope they are forced to wear it on the road in the summer in places like Texas.

Carlos Salcedo says he is leaving RSL | RSL Soapbox

One of the better Homegrown players in the league has asked his club not to pick up his 2015 option. Alright then.

How pro/rel folks are unraveling their own cause | 91st Minute Blog

Worth a read even if you are like me and are in the camp that thinks we'll never see pro/rel in the US. If you haven't read the full interview with 'the one who will not be named' as I like to call him, check out Howler.

Alright, that is all that I have for this morning. What did you make of the ROY reaction yesterday? Also, lets discuss this pro/rel thing. Anyone here side with 'that guy'? Lets talk about that and anything else on your mind.