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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Talking Stephen Keel

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Should the veteran get one more year with FCD?

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

As we move forward in this offseason discussion here on Big D Soccer, we figured it would be wise to look at the players with options on their contracts to discuss whether or not we want them back with FC Dallas in 2015. For the second straight year we're going with the Roman theme of thumbs up or thumbs down for this series.

Next in our debate is a look at veteran defender Stephen Keel.

Keel has been a fairly reliable player for FCD since joining the club from the 2012 Re-Entry Draft. He made 24 appearances in the two seasons. In 2014 he made 14 starts in 16 appearances overall. Jason Poon pulled Keel's stats and came up with some interesting numbers in those 2014 games:

His passing numbers were pretty solid too over that span as he completed 83% of his passes. FC Dallas was 6-3-5 with him as a starter but injuries plagued his playing time in the fall months of the season.

Keel's salary hit wasn't much of one either for FC Dallas. He came in at a veteran minimum just under $50k. He is also a big presence in the locker room. He was always a key guy in motivating the younger players.

But with all of that the question comes down to whether or not he is worth bringing back in 2015. Given the club's need at center back, would you bring him back at his current rate or even a little higher?