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Stadium Journey: Toyota Stadium rated the fifth best in MLS

FCD stadium experience rated one of the league's best.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best parts in my book that comes this time of the year are the amount of 'best of lists'. Sure they can be annoying in some cases or the volume of them all can be overwhelming. But there are times when a list comes out that has a little value to us all, even as subjective as it possibly may be.

Stadium Journey released their end of the year ratings for all 19 MLS stadiums and FCD's digs at Toyota Stadium cracked the top five. Yes the top five!

Regional correspondents visited and rated the venues and will continue to do so in the coming years with expansion teams joining the fold.

We compile our rankings of stadium experience based on the components of our FANFARE rating scale which takes into account the food & beverage in the stadium, the overall atmosphere, the neighborhood where the stadium is located, the fans, access (which includes parking, traffic, ability to move within the stadium, and restrooms), the overall return on investment (is it worth the price?), and one catchall category for anything unique about the stadium experience. We utilize the ratings of our readers and members as our primary tiebreaker, and we encourage you to share your experiences and rate the venues you have visited.

Toyota Stadium came in fifth while Sporting KC's venue was the top billing. Providence Park, CenturyLink Field and BC Place followed up after Sporting.

The game day atmosphere is electric, even for fans who are new to soccer. The fans, along with the event staff, are approachable and friendly. There is a drumline marching through the stadium to start the festivities, along with a ceremony of putting an FC Dallas scarf around the Lamar Hunt statue in the north side plaza.

You can see the full review of Toyota Stadium here. Some interesting comments made for sure during this review but overall it is a nice review of the stadium. I will say it was nice to see someone not complain about getting to the stadium for a change.

What do you all make of these ratings? For those who have traveled, does our stadium hold up against the likes of BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston (which came in a number 6)? What do you make of the rest of the list?