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What should FC Dallas do now at goalkeeper?

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Three starting keepers, someone has to go right?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Now there is a logjam. FC Dallas took the best Chivas USA player available (and not named Erick Torres) in Wednesday's Dispersal Draft which now begs the question, what next?

The club has three starting keepers on the books with Dan Kennedy, Raul Fernandez and Chris Seitz. [Oh and I guess we can't leave off our Homegrown product Jesse Gonzalez.]

Three starters and one young player. More importantly, in terms of money that is a lot dedicated to one position. Kennedy a shade over $211k in 2014, while Fernandez clocked in at a base salary of $160k and Seitz had a base of $105k. I'm not the greatest at math but even I know that is too much on one position.

FCD has an option on Fernandez for next year that they have to decide on while the situation with Seitz is a little muddier. He is out on contract according to comments made by Fernandez Clavijo in this piece, but the club retains his player rights. How Seitz impacts the cap in 2015 is something no one knows at this point but I would imagine his price will go up.

By the numbers

So lets first compare the three. Our resident stat guru Jason Poon pulled up these numbers, which again for keepers can be a tad misleading but it is worth throwing out there either way.

It is hard to really dive into their stats when you consider what each keeper was working with. Seitz and Fernandez had a fairly good defense in front of them this year while Kennedy certainly did not.

Trade bait

Obviously the first thing that came to mind for probably every FCD fan when it was announced that they got the first pick in the Dispersal Draft was that they would snag Kennedy as trade bait. But with Kennedy signed through 2015 (with an option for 2016), you have to wonder if the bait may be on someone else. or if they are just ready to cut some ties altogether with one keeper.

From the sounds of tweets like this, it could come down to dealing Seitz or Fernandez.

I will continue to say that no matter who the trade bait is, the club has to figure out a way to work into the first round of the SuperDraft. Right now their first pick in January's draft doesn't come until the third round. That is a lot of time to kill for a player that likely won't see any playing time in Frisco.

Then again, if the trade just comes down to grabbing extra allocation money for 2015, that is fine too. I haven't spent much time on next year's SuperDraft but I can't imagine it being any better than 2014's class.

Who do you want to keep in 2015?