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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, November 20, 2014

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The playoffs return this weekend...but are any of you watching?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We're a week away from a great American holiday. Hard to believe the holidays are actually here but I love this time of the year. Lets get into some morning links to start off the day.

// FC Dallas //

FCD takes Dan Kennedy in Dispersal Draft |

Here is the club's official release on the pick. We'll have plenty more to discuss with this selection today.

Clavijo excited by the addition of Kennedy |

Time to figure out what is actually going on with the other two keepers now. For a while I was being told that FCD didn't have any players with expired contracts going into the winter but in the case of Chris Seitz, it says he is out of contract. Weird difference but at least FCD holds his player rights some how.

// MLS //

Quakes unveil high tech stadium |

I keep telling folks to keep an extra set of eyes on San Jose this offseason. They brought the new look last year, now they have a new stadium and a new manager in Dom Kinnear. I full expect them to go all in next season.

Introducing Avaya Stadium | Center Line Soccer

The SBN San Jose blog was on the scene yesterday, and they were snapping photos left and right. I have to say, this looks like a lovely facility.

Looking through the Dispersal Draft |

Only seven players taken tells you all you need to know about what the other clubs thought of the way Chivas USA was constructed. Mostly young players were taken yesterday too. That team just had a lot of bad contracts when it came down to picking them apart. I would imagine the Re-Entry Draft and Waiver Drafts will be full of Chivas players next month.

Bowers very optimistic with DCU stadium | Black and Red United

Just get some dirt moving on this stadium, please. I'm tired of hearing about it but I can't imagine how DCU fans feel right now. They're champs for having to put up with this year in and year out.

Fire decline options on 11 players | Hot Time In Old Town

Boy, this reminds me a lot of last year. Cleaning out house...okay maybe not 11 players worth.

Columbus make moves of their own | Massive Report

A few players have their options picked up, while others did not including Jairo Arreita. The Crew may be another team worth really keeping a watch on this winter too.

Well that is all that I have for now. What do you all have today?