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2014 Expansion Draft rules explained

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Time to get down to matters that will be discussed a bunch through the end of the year.

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It really feels like the bulk of the offseason is starting to pick up here for FC Dallas. Between the Dispersal Draft today and seeing that MLS has released this year's expansion draft rules, there is a lot going on.

The league released their rules for this year's Expansion Draft that will take place next month for Orlando City and New York City to begin really molding their new clubs.

Most of the rules from previous years still apply:

1. All teams must protect 11 players.

2. Generation adidas players not graduating from the program after 2014 and Homegrown Players are exempt (unless they are on the club's senior roster).

3. If a club protects a player, it is not obligated to exercise the player's option. It may renegotiate subject to terms of the CBA.

4. If NYCFC or Orlando City SC selects a Supplemental Roster Player, it must offer him a Senior Roster position and he must remain on the Senior Roster as of Roster Compliance Date.

5. Designated Players are NOT automatically protected (i.e., clubs must choose whether to protect such players and if such player is not protected, he will be available for selection in the Expansion Draft). According to the league, if the Designated Player has a no-trade clause in his contract, then his MLS club must protect him and he will count as one of the 11 players who may be protected.

6. Once two players have been claimed from a team's non-protected roster, that team is eliminated from the expansion draft and may not lose any further players. In addition, once a player has been claimed from a club's non-protected roster, that club may move a player from its non-protected roster to its protected roster.

7. There will be 10 rounds.

8. Clubs are restricted in the number of International Player(s) that they may make available. Clubs may make available a number of International Players equal to their total number of International Players minus three, provided that if a club has three or fewer International Players it may make available not more than one. (See table below).

Number of Internationals Minimum Must Protect May Make Available Not More Than
10 3 7
9 3 6
8 3 5
7 3 4
6 3 3
5 3 2
4 3 1
3 2 1
2 1 1
1 0 1

So where does FC Dallas stand in the whole international numbers game. This is where things get real tricky. Currently FC Dallas has nine internationals on the roster, 10 if you count Nick Walker who is currently listed on the roster as out on loan. Those with international roster status include:

  1. Walter Cabrera
  2. Fabian Castillo
  3. Mauro Diaz
  4. Andres Escobar
  5. Raul Fernandez
  6. Peter Luccin
  7. Michel
  8. David Texeira
  9. Je-Vaughn Watson
  10. Nick Walker

Yes, all of those guys.

Ah let the fun begin. We here at Big D Soccer will have our protection lists out in the coming weeks once we get through today's Dispersal Draft and once more of the playoffs are played. After all the expansion draft isn't until December 10, and clubs won't have to have their protection lists out until a couple days before that. So we have plenty of time to discuss this.