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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The USMNT lays a stinker in their final game on 2014.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Boy I am glad I missed yesterday's US game against Ireland. What a crappy way to end what once was a promising year for the national team. Oh well, lets get into some morning links, shall we?

// FC Dallas //

Every goal of 2014 |

Want to see all 55 goals? This video has you covered!

// MLS //

All options remain open for Diskerud |

I have to think someone in MLS is going to step up and sign him this winter. The question remains, who? Columbus had an offer earlier this year that fell apart. I'm sure teams like DC, Chicago, maybe even a Houston will be in play for him.

Mock Dispersal Draft |

Me and all the other blog managers got together to do a quick-ish mock draft for today's Dispersal Draft. I didn't take Dan Kennedy. That may be all you need to know. If only Erick Torres were available today in this draft we'd be all set.

DCU fans fighting for their stadium | Black and Red United

Still a ton to be done about DCU getting a new stadium here.

The US sucked against Ireland |

In a way this was a B-sided team against another B-sided team. Results in friendlies matter only in context to some. But each game as of late the US gives up late goals and crappy plays that make the team just look down right bad.

Every state gets a soccer jersey | Imgur

Wow. Someone did some serious time on these. A lot of them are great. Texas is rather dull. My home state of West Virginia isn't bad. I'd definitely buy the black away kit in that. I'm a tad surprised this artist didn't go the extra step and add sponsors to each of them though. I guess that will be next time.

That is all for today folks. What did you make of those state jerseys? Think we need some kind of tournament in play to see of these kits in action? Lets talk about that and anything else on your mind below.