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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Another round of international games are here today.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Offseason mode is really gearing up around these parts but we also get some nice distractions with another US game today against Ireland. But lets dive into some links before all of that kicks off.

// FC Dallas //

FCD on international duty |

The club had three guys on international duty this weekend and two of them did plenty of work. Good to see Kellyn Acosta lead the US U-20s right now.

// MLS //

Memorable moments in the LA-Seattle series |

It feels like the league website is getting a head start on over-hyping this series.

How NYCFC's supporter group grew to over 1,200 |

A fairly impressive start for this group to have that many members. Makes me wonder what the FCD supporter group membership numbers look like.

The case for BWP for MVP |

First off, Jeff Bradley is back and writing about soccer again. I think that is a big deal. Second of all, he wants Bradley Wright-Phillips as league MVP. Uh, no. Please no. Just because he scored 27 goals doesn't automatically mean he is the league's most valuable player.

Things that need to change in the next CBA | Black and Red United

I can't say there is much disagreement with these items. The biggest in my mind are numbers two and three but four is also key too.

US looking to youth academies to close gap | NY Times

A fairly long piece but certainly one worth reading this morning. Basically the USSF is looking at systems in Europe to see how they do it and how we can do it better.

Meet the most important person behind the scenes for the USMNT |

Ever wonder about how friendlies get scheduled? From the sounds of it, there is a ton of work involved. A ton.

Alright folks, that is it for now. What do you all have today?