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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Talking George John

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With the 2014 season behind us, it is time to evaluate who we want to see brought back in 2015.

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As we move forward in this offseason discussion here on Big D Soccer, we figured it would be wise to look at the players with options on their contracts to discuss whether or not we want them back with FC Dallas in 2015. For the second straight year we're going with the Roman theme of thumbs up or thumbs down for this series.

Up first is sure to be a debate, as we look at defender George John.

In some ways, this one feels strange to kick off this series with considering how much I enjoy talking to this player. John has always been someone that the media go to for an honest take after a game but naturally in 2014 things were different as he was out the entire season with a knee injury.

Most of the year remained a mystery with him as there was a big will he or won't he surrounding his potential play. At the end of July however we found out that he would officially go under the knife to fix his knee and officially end his 2014 season.

The last update I got on his status was several weeks ago was that he is still going through rehab and is slowly coming along.

Update: Shortly after I posted this I got this Tweet from the guys at Third Degree:

But this is an interesting debate with regards to John. His price tag is not a cheap one, or at least his previous contract was not a cheap one. At $300k, that is not cheap. Maybe it won't be as big of a hit once the new CBA comes down - which John is also a team representative from what I am told in those discussions.

I still believe a healthy John is better than no John at all. Between the leadership he brings in the locker room to the quality of play on the field, the guy should be able to eventually return to his former glory given the right amount of time.

But what is that new deal worth? Honestly, I'm going to leave that to you all. Do you even want him back too? Thumbs up to keep him, thumbs down to let him go to another MLS club.