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Big D Daily: News for Monday, November 17, 2014

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Did I see snow this morning in Dallas?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We're still on an international break in MLS due to some FIFA games. The United States dropped a stinker last Friday to Colombia and will play again today against Ireland. But we have some links to discuss first.

// FC Dallas //

Attendance figures from 2014 | Big D Soccer

A little ICYMI from yesterday, we looked at the attendance figures for FCD compared to the rest of MLS in 2014. I know the numbers seem low but honestly, the important thing is they are so much better than they were three or four years ago.

FCD lands the top pick in the Dispersal Draft, but now what? |

This was from Friday but it was worth sharing again. My gut tells me FCD gets either a young guy or someone not even on this article.

Hedges, Akindele and Hernandez discuss national teams |

I completely missed this one last week as well, my bad. There are some rather interesting comments in here from these three about their national team prospects. Good to see that Hernandez is hearing interesting from Guatemala (yeah he can play for them apparently).

// MLS //

Union owner sees success through the academy |

I still find it hilarious how much MLS's website loves the Union's academy. Hopefully one day they can prove to me why it is so good.

1150 Revs fans will travel this weekend | The Bent Musket

Geez, that is a sizable away crowd going to a game. Makes me wish FCD were still in the playoffs. But it also makes me realize how difficult it is for some clubs in the west to travel in numbers like that.

Besler on SKC's playoff exit and USMNT camps | Pro Soccer Talk

There isn't a ton here but the one line about three-a-days before the World Cup is rather interesting. You have to wonder if that could have played a part if Jozy Altidore's hamstring injury. Just thinking out loud.

Jozy tells LAG no and then deletes the tweet |

Speaking of Jozy, he had a rather interesting tweet yesterday morning that he deleted shortly after. He told the LAG to stop calling his agent and that no means no. Gotta love the new aged silly season with Twitter.

Alright that is all that I have for now, what do you all have this morning?