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MLS teams to receive allocation money for players picked in Expansion Draft

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So money is good but there are still so many questions.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Well then, this little bit of news out of Major League Soccer on Sunday was good to see for about three or four seconds. Let me just spell it out to you first.

According to the release, any team that loses a player in the upcoming Expansion Draft will receive allocation money in return. That seems fair considering Orlando City and New York City will be able to just pick off players on an unprotected list all willy-nilly.

But the next line is where things begin to get a little hairy for FC Dallas and probably for several other clubs.

The 18 other teams will be able to protect up to 11 players on their roster, and players on Homegrown and Generation adidas contracts will be automatically protected unless they are on the Senior roster.

I put that last part in bold because it is worth calling out. Alright, I know many of you are freaking out at the point as to which young player is and isn't on the senior roster for FC Dallas. Rightfully so.

Typically in the past the off budget or developmental roster was the 10 players on the 30-man roster that didn't make the up the senior roster. Usually that meant the Homegrown players, rookies and one or two other younger players. Usually you can look at the player salaries that are released and tell right away as to who are the younger and cheaper players and who are not.

So who exactly is on FCD's 10 non-Senior roster? The following should be in that category according to a source close to the matter.

  1. Kellyn Acosta (HGP)
  2. Moises Hernandez (HGP)
  3. Coy Craft (HGP)
  4. Victor Ulloa (HGP)
  5. Jonathan Top (HGP)
  6. Jesse Gonzalez (HGP)
  7. Danny Garcia (HGP)
  8. Tesho Akindele
  9. Brian Span
  10. Walker Zimmerman (GA)
  11. Nick Walker*

I know what you are thinking, Drew that is 11. Well that is correct. But FCD found a little luck in the sense that Nick Walker is technically listed out on loan through the end of the year. His move earlier this season on loan happened before the roster freeze, which is reflected here and will be reflected when it is time to deal with the expansion draft. Plus, if we're honest, Walker probably isn't one FCD would lose any ways if he were left unprotected.

There is a question as to whether or not Alejandro Zenedjas counts on this roster yet but since he is inactive until 2015, I think it is safe to assume he will not.

It is possible that Akindele is also on the Senior roster as well, but FCD was able to put him on the developmental roster for this year as a rookie. Next year, that may be a different story.