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Dispersal Draft: Picking the best Chivas USA player not named Erick Torres

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FCD won the top pick, but now what?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

So FC Dallas won a draft. That much we know for Oscar Pareja's club as they enter the offseason. But who does Pareja and technical director Fernando Clavijo pick up in the Chivas USA Dispersal Draft?

First off, we know that FCD cannot select forward Erick Torres. Cubo is going to go to some other club (like LA or New York) should he decide to stay in MLS.

Here are a few good options off the Chivas roster for FCD to select.

The Dan Kennedy decision

The obvious pick is their keeper but FCD doesn't exactly need a keeper right now with Raul Fernandez and Chris Seitz on the books.

But here is the thing, Fernandez does have a club option to his contract and Seitz is some weird player-type option on his deal going into the winter. While I don't think FCD will go for a completely new keeper, it wouldn't be the worst idea to just start over in goal with a proven veteran like Kennedy. I still believe that in front of the right defense group, Kennedy would easily be a top three keeper in this league.

If we're honest though, FCD isn't going to take Kennedy to keep him though. This is a perfect place to get him and trade him away later on for something better like a high draft pick in January's SuperDraft - which by the way, FCD lacks a first round selection this year.

Go young...because Pareja

If FCD does what I think they should do, they stick to what works with Pareja. A youth selection. Two guys that immediately spark my interest are actually two young defenders Andrew Jean-Baptiste and Marky Delgado. Both players are young but have enough MLS experience right now to be worth a look at the top pick. Plus for Delgado there is a possibility that he will continue on as a Homegrown player no matter where he goes.

There are red flags with both players though that involve injuries. Both had injuries to deal with this year and Delgado ended both of his first two seasons with knee injuries. So durability is an issue. But if either of these guys are brought in solely to be backup option, that may be the way to go.

Other names to think about: Danny Toia, Caleb Calvert, Tommy McNamera, Leandro Barrera

The veteran gambles

We know FCD is a young team but they stand to lose a couple veteran guys this winter. So bringing in someone with some bite or some locker room leadership could also be an option for Pareja. That is why looking at a Nigel Reo-Coker, a Bobby Burling or a Jhon Kennedy Hurtado.

Do I really like any of those three names? Maybe. Reo-Coker is probably the most intriguing guy because of the intensity he does bring to the field. Part of me likes having that kind of guy in training to help push the younger guys.

One other guy worth discussing here is Oswaldo Minda. The veteran midfielder was an absolute destroyer but he is going to be out of contract come December. My gut tells me he wouldn't be a bad option to consider as well.

Other names to think about: Nathan Sturgis, Marvin Chavez, Martin Rivero, Akira Kaji