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Big D Daily: News for Friday, November 14, 2014

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Oh hey, the weekend is here folks.


The first weekend of the offseason for FC Dallas is here. Not sure I like this feeling yet but we will make due with what we have.

// FC Dallas //

What is next for FCD |

A slightly deeper look at the schedule coming up for the next couple months. Fun fun.

// MLS //

NYCFC reveals home kits |

It was about everything I expected them to look like. Nothing special and everything Man City.

Deeper look at the NYCFC kit |

Again, nothing special about it. Hopefully that road kit will have something more to it. At least that sponsor is a pretty big get for a MLS club. I don't think many are talking about that.

Ronaldinho could leave Mexico for MLS |

Mexico was always a stepping stone to get here if we're just being honest. Come on New York, just sign this guy already. You know you want to.

Lagerway seems like a man between two worlds | RSL Soapbox

Something tells me RSL is going on the decline in 2015. Just a gut feeling even though they have a solid lineup.

DCU Stadium goes on some kind of tax vote | Black and Red United

Ugh...can we please just get some shovels in the ground on this thing already?

Union set to unveil former Man United assistant as new technical director | Brotherly Game

Well then...let's see how this goes for them. Another Englishman controlling a MLS team. That has um...gone well in the past right? OH wait he is Dutch...Philly may be on to something then.

More tension growing between Garber and Klinsmann |

Fun. Part of me kind of likes this growing heat between these two. Maybe because it is fun to talk about or maybe because I really want to see a cage match between them.

Well that seems to be all for now, what do you all have on this Friday?