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A look at FC Dallas player contracts going into the offseason

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Time to take a look at the roster and see who may or may not be back in 2015.

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As much as I hate seeing FC Dallas finish their season in the manner that they did, I do get a small bit of joy in writing up offseason material. I had plans of getting this information from FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo on my own in the next week but the Dallas Morning News' Steve Hunt beat me to it (I have other material to ask Clavijo so stay tuned there).

Just like last year, we're going to take a deep dive into each player below. We're going back to the Roman theme of thumbs up or thumbs down for this series like we did in 2013.

Player Contract Status
Jair Benitez Option
Raul Fernandez Option
George John Option
Stephen Keel Option
Peter Luccin Option
Michel Option
Adam Moffat Option
Hendry Thomas Option
Nick Walker Option
Chris Seitz No option but club retains player rights
Walter Cabrera Loan
Andres Escobar Loan

Some of this is fairly interesting. I'll start with the players in an option year first. Definitely a few big names there like John, Fernandez and Thomas. Some players I fully expect to move on or retire (Benitez, Luccin). I do see a big discussion coming in the goalkeeper department though.

Also to put this into perspective, FCD had 14 guys on options of some sort last year at this time. Only nine this year. Big shift if you ask me.

The loans we knew about as well. I'd be shocked to see Cabrara return and the deal with Escobar is going to be an interesting one to keep tabs on this winter as well.

Outside of that, the players that the club either has listed as a GA (Walker Zimmerman) or Homegrown, I don't expect a lot of changes there though I wouldn't be shocked to see someone like a Jonathan Top potentially move on as well. Just a hunch but we'll discuss them later too.

Just seeing that list of players under contract, makes me think it could be a very similar list to what the club protects in the expansion draft. That list has 10 on it, so figure out one more. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. We'll be diving deep into the expansion draft later this month along with all the other SBN blogs.