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Who is FC Dallas' MVP candidate in 2014?

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While FCD may not have someone in the running for the league prize, it is time to discuss who could win the team award.

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Each year around this time teams begin to jockey for playoff position and for various end-of-season awards. FC Dallas is no different as they are campaigning hard for Tesho Akindele in the Rookie of the Year race and I'd imagine they'll say a word or two at some point about Oscar Pareja's chances in the Coach of the Year race too.

While the team doesn't have a full blown MVP candidate like we see with Robbie Keane, Landon Donovan, Obafemi Martins or Thierry Henry, the club does have a fairly big competition for the team's overall MVP award this year, which usually gets voted on by the members of the local media.

Last year it was a struggle to name a MVP candidate from the team but this year there should be a good debate about who that winner might be. Here are a few candidates I'd throw out there to you all but feel free to add your own ideas to the comments below.

Zach Loyd

Since returning from injury, Loyd has returned to the form that we all grew to love over the first couple of season with him here in Dallas. Not only has he been consistent in play but he has stepped up his game when needed to as a center back these last couple of months with injuries to Stephen Keel, George John and Walker Zimmerman.

Note: I'd put in a good argument too that Loyd is a prime candidate for the league's Comeback Player of the Year award too.

Blas Perez

We have seen in recent weeks as to how important Perez to the attack for FCD. But more so his importance in the locker room too for the young players. Dallas is a completely different team with him in the line up too. Perez never seems to quit on a ball and even though he does have some short comings with the officials, you can't deny how passionate he is here with this club. He currently leads the team in both assists (six) and goals (10).

Fabian Castillo

Before his recent injury, Castillo was by far one of the best players on the field for FCD. He recently made it into the top three of the league's 24 Under 24 watch list and has been apart of some rumors of an offseason transfer. Castillo's speed has always been an asset that the team has taken advantage of but his finishing this season has finally come full circle. He recorded a goal or an assist in 11 consecutive matches (10 goals and six assists) from 5/31 to 8/22. The Colombian has a career high nine goals this season along with four assists.

Matt Hedges

The calm leader in the defense has been a mainstay for the majority of this season. Since taking over the captain's armband the club has certainly shifted in a positive way under Hedges on the field. Hedges isn't flashy as a player but he brings a quality to the field that is hard to miss.


The Brazilian has been huge in getting goals set up and finishing goals from the penalty spot. In the 13 matches in which Michel has logged 90 minutes this season, he has scored seven goals and has three assists. Since July 19, Michel has played a role in 14 of Dallas' last 21 goals. He currently is third on the team with eight goals and is second to Perez in assists with five.

Other options: Victor Ulloa, Je-Vaughn Watson

So who do you see right now as FC Dallas' team MVP for 2014? Let's discuss that below.