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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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The playoff picture is starting to get a little more clear as we head into the final three weeks.

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Good morning to you all. We have plenty to get to you today on this Tuesday. Time for some morning links to get everything started.

// FC Dallas //

DFW Sports dream package |

I saw this come into my email yesterday but FCD is doing a promotion that will see one lucky person attend a lot of sports in one week in DFW.

// MLS //

Instant Replay from Week 30 |

As you might have guessed it, Simon Borg had a thought or two about the offside call on Blas Perez.

Galaxy reach mark that no team has done since 2001 |

This season has been a crazy goal fest but the Galaxy are the kings of it when you break it down. But this feat goes to the guy setting up all that scoring.

Now isn't a good time to be on the Red Bull fence |

The Red Bulls did a lot of good when buying this club back in the day but now it not the time for them to coast as owners.

US Soccer misses the point for Donovan's sendoff | LAG Confidential

I have to say I agree with a lot of what is being said in this piece. Sure the Galaxy fans are upset by the callups while their club is in the middle of a Supporters' Shield race but really the way it was slapped together was bad.

US future comes in play with Ecuador friendly |

That was a young, young roster named by Jurgen Klinsmann yesterday. It may have a veteran or two on it but man is he experimenting with things here.

Grand finale awaits LA and Seattle |

Did anyone here realize that we get a playoff preview with LA and Seattle in the final two weeks of the regular season? The schedule makers had fun putting a home-and-away series together in the final two games for those two sides as they push for the Shield.

That is all for now, check back later as I may sneak in another link in the comments below. Have a good one folks!