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Big D Daily: News for Monday, October 6, 2014

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Time to get a move on it as FC Dallas recovers from their latest loss.

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We'll dive into Saturday's loss here shortly as we kick off this new week but first here are your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

FC Dallas runs out of ideas in the attack |

Sometimes the offense just doesn't click in a game. But sometimes it is more than just that.

Tensions get hot between Vancouver and Dallas |

It may very well be a wildcard match preview but we're starting to see that these two teams just don't like each other.

// MLS //

Chivas end winless streak against RSL |

Ha! If you want to feel a little better about losing this weekend to Vancouver, it could have been much worse. The loss meant RSL didn't clinch a playoff spot this weekend either and the door is still open for FCD to make a pass on them in the standings.

Week 30 thoughts and more |

Here is probably the best place to get caught up on everything that happened this weekend and then some. As the article points out, there is still a outside chance for FCD to sneak into a CCL berth too. So much riding on the final three games, so much. Also, the Fire now have 18 draws...18!

Lalas on the LA2 situation | The Goat Parade

If you missed the Big Head Red Head podcast last week, you should definitely check it out. Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman sit down for the first time in a couple months and hash out a lot of things including the Chivas situation. Lalas certainly had plenty to say on that matter.

Glaring issues with team MVP voting | LAG Confidential

LA has a problem right now. Too many damn good players that may cancel one another out in the MVP race.

The Clint Dempsey goal that the world couldn't handle |

Yeah, just watch the highlight. Had that sucker gone in it would have been all over in the Goal of the Year race.

Henry won't return in 2015 |

We're getting more confirmation here that Thierry Henry won't be back in 2015. At least he provided a spark to the NY attack this weekend against Houston.

Salary updates and what it could mean for the CBA talks | Stat Hunting

Our old pal Steve is at it again with some solid work following the latest round of MLS salary news.

Sacramento hires local artist for design exclusive scarf | Sacramento Republic

Wow. That is all I am going to really say. FCD has done well with their scarf of the month thing this year but they need to take a cue on this and hire some local artists to design some scarfs next year.

That is all for this edition of the morning links. Talk among yourselves here and keep checking back for more updates throughout the day. Cheers.