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View From the East: Lackluster loss

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FC Dallas paid a visit to point-hungry Vancouver in Canada as they begin a last 4 game stretch to the playoffs.

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With Mauro Diaz and Fabian Castillo both out of the line up, Oscar Pareja was limited in attacking options and it seemed to show throughout the game in Vancouver. During the match it definitely looked like one team wanted the points more than the other. Vancouver came out with conviction and purpose while Pareja's team was lackluster and overall not fun to watch. If this is the team that shows up in the playoffs then we're in deep trouble no matter who we face and where.

No Attacking Options

FC Dallas was down 2-0 for a majority of the game, at halftime Tesho Akindele was brought in but after that there was nothing else in the form of naturally forward thinking players on the bench. Kellyn Acosta was brought in (defensive player), Jair Benitez was also brought in (defensive player), and the shut out was destined to happen. Blas Perez did have a goal ruled incorrectly offside, but it was one of the only good looks the visiting side came away with. Without Castillo and Diaz, more so Castillo though, the Hoops attack was invisible. The stats definitely say the visitors had more shots and more possession, but other than the offside Blas chance I never got out of my chair at all.

Early Shock Enough

The early shock brace by Sebastian Fernandez hit FC Dallas hard and it was apparent throughout the game. The disheartening could have been lifted had the Blas goal been allowed, but it seemed everything was against the Hoops today and with so little to play for it was obviously not going to be our day. Pareja will need to spark his troops up, the last, I mean absolute last thing we need is one of our signature slumping runs right before the start of our first playoff appearance in years.

What do you guys think? Blip or panic mode? Is this due to having nothing really to play for or just completely missing our favorite attacking options? Let me know in the comments below!