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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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One more big day until the big playoff date with Vancouver.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We're inching closer and closer to a playoff match. Time to get to some daily links first before we get into the Knockout Round.

// FC Dallas //

What FCD needs to do to improve playoff hopes | SportsDFW

Time to move on from Saturday's game and block it from our memory.

Looking back on the Vancouver series |

There have certainly been a lot of fireworks in this series.

// MLS //

Chivas USA folds, new LA side starts in 2017 |

Just like we discussed yesterday, Chivas USA is no more. A new team will take over in 2017, the same year Atlanta comes into the mix. Very interesting decision by MLS but one that was certainly needed.

MLS may pay millions to keep Erick Torres |

Just pay whatever MLS, seriously, Torres is worth keeping around. We do know that he won't be apart of any dispersal draft.

Making sense of Chivas USA's tragic run as a MLS club |

It was always a risky move to market a club in the manner that they did.

A closer look at the two called back goals |

Simon Borg gives us his take on the two disallowed goals.

MLS Cup playoffs: a beginners guide |

Where do you begin with the playoffs? Well, here you go. Hand this out to your non-soccer friends.

A final hurrah for Donovan and Henry |

Can MLS get the 'dream' final that they have always wanted with New York and LA? Time will tell.

Playoff rootability rankings |

So we're fourth. Alright then.

Playoffs aren't the crapshoot they used to be |

Yeah, I'm not entirely sure about that just yet.

The case for Steve Birnbaum for ROY | Black and Red United

While the Vote for Tesho campaign was great but I'm afraid he's probably going to lose to Birnbaum...or Harry Shipp.

Michael Bradley to have foot surgery |

Its been a tough year for Bradley and Toronto.

That is all I have for now...what do you all have going on today?