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Big D Daily: News for Monday, October 27, 2014

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The playoffs here we come.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We're out of the regular season and into the post season folks. The end of October here is as FC Dallas begins their playoff hunt.

// FC Dallas //

Cheap playoff tickets |

I know it is going to take a lot to get folks up to Frisco on Wednesday but we gotta pack the place the best we can.

FCD says we're moving past the Portland loss |

Good time to just forget what happened is this game. No need to dwell in it.

// MLS //

Wright-Phillips ties MLS goal scoring record |

He was so close but for another year 27 stands to be the number that no one can get past. Also New York looks good right now, while SKC their Knockout Round opponent looks rather dreadful.

Thoughts and notes from the final week of the regular season |

Lots of good points here as usual, this time on DP numbers, attendance and well, the playoffs.

Complete playoff schedule |

Need to know the whens and wheres for the first two rounds? Here ya go.

Chivas president gives grim outlook | The Goat Parade

Despite winning three out of the last four games this year, the Goats will go off into the sunset. Still there are so many questions left unanswered at this point. All the comments really paint the picture that the team will appear to go into offseason mode but we all know it means more than that.

Another view of firing MLS writers | Soccer Gods

The editor of soccer magazine Howler shares his take on the subject of MLS firing one of their writers.

Many MLS players play largely for the love of the game | NY Times

Here is a fantastic piece on the salary discussion in MLS. There are still players out there that have to supplement their income in the offseason.

Well that is all that I have for now, feel free to get the discussion going below.