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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Back in fourth place as the weekend nears.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Well, FC Dallas didn't get the result that they wanted last night as they are back down to fourth place going into the final game of the regular season. We'll get into previewing that game and more but here are a look at the morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Perez explains his trademark celebration |

Incase you were unaware of why Blas Perez celebrates in the manner that he does after each goal, then here you go.

FCD vows to maintain intensity in final weekend |

I do hope now that we know what is needed that FCD keeps up the energy that they've had in the last couple of weeks on Saturday. No need now to go stumbling into the playoffs.

// MLS //

RSL ends 2014 Chivas curse with finale win |

A fairly calm and comfortable 2-0 win too. RSL said they weren't afraid of anyone going into the playoffs but I wonder if anyone is actually scared of them.

Garber: A strong league and federation is the key | Reuters

Don Garber continue to talk yesterday to the press, this time it was all about how MLS and the USSF need to work together to help drive the success.

AJ DeLaGarza signs contract extension | LAG Confidential

Another solid defender in this league that doesn't get a ton of praise gets a new deal. Good for him.

About that banner | Burgundy Wave

I'm sure some of you noticed the banner flying over head last weekend in Colorado. Well, it is time to break down that message and what it all meant.

Olbermann fumes over Rapids' president | Soccer America

Keith Olbermann is not shy about how he feels the firing of a beat writer went down. Oh boy. Ignore Olbermann calling the league website though, everything else about his message there is right on.

United teammates roast their ROY candidate |

While FCD has done a good job hyping up Tesho Akindele (even though he massively cooled off during it), DCU has their own ROY candidate that they are pushing.

USMNT get Colombia instead of Croatia for November friendly |

Good trade if you ask me.

That is all for now folks. What do you all have today?