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Dan Hunt: USL Affiliate to be announce 'no later than December'

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The clock will continue to tick away on the USL agreement for FCD.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We've discussed FC Dallas and their USL PRO affiliate/team many times on here. I feel like we've really beaten that horse to death and then twice again. But with no formal announcement yet we continue bring it up because it continues to bring itself up in some form or fashion.

Today is no exception. During Dan Hunt's chat with the fans on Facebook our own Taylor Hester posed the question to Hunt yet again about the USL affiliate announcement. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that an announcement will take place before the end potentially the end of the playoffs now for FCD.

I would expect that we announce our USL Pro strategy no later than early December but however it could come much faster.

Early December of course is MLS Cup. It could be that the team is just waiting to see how far they advance in the MLS Cup Playoffs and in some ways I totally agree with that strategy. But at the same time the clock continues to tick on a hot button issue that fans want to see resolved.

There was also questions of stadium expansion in the chat that are worth noting as well. Both Taylor and other folks questioned potential changes to Toyota Stadium in the near future and it looks as though we may even hear something as early as next year on the matter.

We have been working on some stadium design ideas and I've spent a number of hours over the last six weeks redeveloping drawings. I hope it all works out and I know that you'll be very pleased with our ideas!

I'll put it this way, we want to do things that keep Toyota Stadium as a state of the art facility. You will for sure see one of those in 2015. I've said too much already.

Time will tell on these matters as to where the club is going. But it is definitely positive to hear that they are actively working on improving the stadium.