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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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All signs point to a fun final week of the regular season.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It seems a little crazy to think this season has flown by this quickly but we're here in the final week. Lets get into some daily links to start today off.

// FC Dallas //

All your wildest dreams will come true |

If you vote for Tesho that is. The latest video in the campaign for Tesho Akindele's rookie of the year run is out. Enjoy.

Potential playoff seeding and pairing |

The club helps break down all the various scenarios for us.

// MLS //

Instant replay for week 32 |

As you might expect, Simon Borg talks about the PK issued in the Colorado game. He had no issue with it or the tackle Zach Loyd had in the first half.

What is at stake in the final CCL group stage games |

Did you realize that Saturday's foe, the Portland Timbers have a game in Honduras tonight? Yeah, before having to come to Dallas they're on a long road trip to close out the CCL group stage. Lets hope Olimpia wears them out a bit.

Union CEO needs to do the finger pointing at himself |

While most teams are getting ready for the playoffs, some like the Union are taking time to do the blame game on what went wrong this season.

Union tifo banner removed | Brotherly Game

It wasn't pretty last Saturday in Philadelphia.

All the possible conference realignments and schedule possibilities for 2015 |

The stuff we talked about a couple weeks ago gets a deeper look here.

New York Cosmos agree to deal with Raul |

I wanted Raul to come to MLS a few years ago as one of the early DPs in the league. Now he heads to the NASL...the new retirement league in the US.

Former MLS reporters: Team pushed to get me fired | Deadspin

Boy this made the rounds yesterday but it is worth sharing again here this morning. I still feel like we're not getting all sides to this story, mainly that of's editorial team. That group may come out looking the worst in all of this if you think about it. I won't go too much into my personal experience with that group (which is mostly positive) but I do know that teams have gotten beat writers there pushed out from time to time. It just happens. And if it isn't the team pushing the writer out, it is the editorial team making a change themselves.

Alright, that is all that I have for the moment.