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MLS Fantasy Manager: Week 30

FC Dallas players should get some decent points this week on the road against Vancouver.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's round 30 of MLS Fantasy Soccer Manager. There's only three more rounds after this week until playoffs start. I can't find in the rules, or anywhere else, if the game will continue into the playoffs again like last year. But, if they do, fantasy managers will most likely get unlimited transfers before they start. If you're looking to try and be the top fantasy manager out of the FC Dallas supporter's group, that's when you can really make a push if you pick the right team/players that go all the way in the playoffs. Just thought I'd share that little bit of information with you since it's almost that time.

Anyways, let's focus on this week now. Lineups lock Thursday at 7:00 pm CT!

FC Dallas

After an impressive 3-1 win at home against top-of-the-table Seattle Sounders, FC Dallas will be surging with confidence. They look to continue their success on the road this weekend in Vancouver. FCD just beat the Whitecaps a few weeks ago and it looks like they will again. Even without Mauro Diaz and possibly Fabian Castillo again, they should come away with at least one point at this point in the season if they want to snatch 3rd place in the Western Conference from Real Salt Lake.

Who to start/add

Michel $7.6 - Adam Moffat might be ready to play, but I think Michel has really cemented himself into the starting lineup after his performances the past few weeks. With Michel, it was always a concern about defending. He would get lost at times and not make the tackles. But, he's making tackles now and not losing his man (except for on the goal last week). Michel is sure to get decent points (whether they be from assists, goals, or offensive bonuses) every time he plays because of his set piece ability.

Andres Escobar $6.0 - Escobar has had a few games this season where he looks just as good as we hoped he would after seeing the money we're spending on him. Last week was one of those games and might even be the best one in an FCD jersey. It doesn't look like Castillo will be ready. I'd expect Escobar to start and hopefully he can have another game like last week. He's cheap too.

Blas Perez $8.4 - Perez is playing out of his mind right now. Most definitely the hottest player on the team right now with four goals in three games. He's really stepping up when we need him. No reason to think he won't stop torturing defenses this week.

Who not to start/add

Mauro Diaz $7.8 - Yes, I know he's hurt still and won't play this week. So why include him on here? I'll tell you. I included Diaz on here to tell you to SELL HIM and drop him from your team. Don't hold on to him when you can be using that money on others. He's back in Argentina with his family until the end of next week at the earliest. So he won't be ready to play against Los Angeles Galaxy next week. If he's back by the end of next week is able to fully participate in practice the whole week leading up to the game against Colorado, that's great. Maybe he will travel with the team and possibly play. Still, you should sell him. Hopefully he will be ready and healthy for the playoffs. Pick him up again then.

Victor Ulloa $4.9 - Don't play him this week, next week, or any week. Yes, he's cheap. Yes, he is a big part of why FCD has done so well with so many injuries. But, he doesn't get many fantasy points. He will get you a consistent 2-3 points every week. If you've spent all your money elsewhere and you only $4.9 to spend, he's a good option. But, I'd consider revising your squad.

Matt Hedges $8.7 - Although Hedges has the second most points among fantasy defenders, I wouldn't start him this week. Vancouver is no piece of cake, especially on the road. Coming off a 2-1 win against RSL last week, the Whitecaps will have a lot of confidence as well. They're a team fighting for their lives right now, trying to get into the playoff picture before it's too late. Those kind of teams are very dangerous and unpredictable.


Only one midweek game this week and only one team has two games this week. Chicago Fire are the only team on a double-game week this week with games at Philadelphia and at home against Montreal.

Who to start/add

Bradley Wright-Phillips $9.0 - The Houston Dynamo haven't given up a goal the past two games. But, never count out the leading goalscorer in MLS this season. Wright-Phillips is scoring goals at will and although Houston's defense has looked decent recently, they've been atrocious this season. Plus, New York is playing at home. That place has been a fortress for New York this season. BWP will get one goal, maybe even more this week.

Obafemi Martins $9.7 - Martins has tallied seven goals and four assists in the past eight games, two of those goals and one of those assists came last week against Chivas USA. He's hot and Colorado's defense is horrible.

Jeff Larentowicz $7.0 - Like I said, Chicago has two games this week. This means you have a chance to get basically double the amount of points from someone. This is tricky, because a lot of teams rotate their squads because of the games being so close to one another. So, you have to pick someone who you know will play the majority of both games and someone that gets a good amount of points every week. Chicago rotates their squad a lot. The only player that fits the criteria I described is Larentowicz.

Who not to start/add

Colorado Rapid's defense - Yup. I've told you to bench all of Colorado's defense before. I'm doing it again. They play at home against Seattle this week. I probably wouldn't even start anyone on their team. The depleted Rapids have been outscored 30-10 in the last ten games. That's just ridiculous.

Houston's defense - I've noticed I tend to put a lot of team's defenses/defenders on who not to start/add. But, it's for good reason. Houston travels to New York this weekend. It doesn't look good. New York is pushing for the playoffs and have to win games like these, and they know that. they will be going full force at Houston with BWP, Thierry Henry, and Tim Cahill.

Michael Parkhurst $7.9 - New England Revolution have only lost one game in their past eight games. Oh, you're wondering what that one lost game is? Let me tell you. It was on the road against Columbus Crew. New England and Columbus are both pushing for the playoffs. This will be one of the best games of the week, I'm sure. Now at home, New England will be looking for revenge and hoping to widen the gap in the table between their Eastern Conference foes.