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Big D Daily: News for Friday, October 10, 2014

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The Galaxy are coming to town this weekend.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend looms large for FC Dallas. We'll have plenty to get to today and tomorrow to get you all ready for Sunday's game. But first here are your daily links.

// FC Dallas //

Walker took a great deal away from loan | Dallas Soccer News

While Nick Walker wasn't gone from Frisco for very long, he did seem to get a good deal out of his loan in Puerto Rico. After all he is one of the few in MLS that can say he scored a goal at the Azteca.

Pareja keeping a close watch on Castillo and Diaz |

It sounds like Fabian Castillo will go on Sunday, but as for Mauro Diaz we will have to continue to wait.

// MLS //

Klinsmann: Donovan's career could have gone further |

Even with just the headline, I totally agree with that. While Landon Donovan had one hell of a career, I do think that he could have done even more if he had wanted to.

How Landon became my US soccer hero |

I feel in a way that I have grown up with Donovan here. Most of the 'young' guys from the 2002 World Cup team aren't that much older than me so it feels a little weird seeing them all go off into the sunset.

Sounders want the quadruple |

Yes, I suppose that is a thing for them. Win the USOC, check. Win the Cascadia Cup...well they may lock that up tonight. As for the other two (Shield and MLS Cup), they can have the Shield for all I care. If they make it to MLS Cup, I may have a different opinion.

Timbers permit fans to root for Seattle |

Yeah, the Timbers owners (our favorite friend in MLS), is allowing his fans to root for their biggest rival for two hours this weekend. That is because a Seattle win over Vancouver really does help them.

Saputo buys Italian club | Mount Royal Soccer

I don't think it should be any bit of a shock to see Montreal owner Joey Saputo buy an Italian soccer team. Though I kind of thought he already had one in Montreal.

Collection of crests leaves out one team |

No shocker which team is missing. I'm still trying to decide which crest is my favorite out of those 20 though. Plenty of good ones and a few that could use some work.

Alright, that is all we have for now. Enjoy your Friday everyone!