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Rankings Recap: FC Dallas back on the rise after win

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Beating a good team like Seattle comes with some bumps in the rankings.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After losing to LA the comments on the Power Rankings for FC Dallas appeared rather grim but when the team beat Seattle last week the comments certainly changed in a big way, so did the rankings.

Here's the latest rankings from this week:

Rank: 3 (Last week: 4)

Comment: David Texeira has had an anonymous first season in Big D, but he's been lights out against the Sounders. He'll need to keep it up in Vancouver, which is the least forgiving rug in the league.


Rank: 4 (Last week: 4)

Comment: David Texeira scored twice, but it was front-line mate Blas Perez who keyed the 3-1 victory over Seattle. A game that looked to be slipping away turned around once FCD found Perez's feet in transition, and he started connecting passes and breaking pressure.

Sports Illustrated

Rank: 3 (Last week: 4)

Comment: Óscar Pareja continues to be one of MLS's most underrated coaches, and what he's done to turn Dallas around has been remarkable. It's not just about season-to-season change, as he's on the verge of carrying the team into the playoffs for the first time since 2011; it's also impressive how his team reversed an eight-game winless streak early in the summer to only losing three times in its last 15 games.


Rank: 8 (Last week: 10)

Comment: With only a loss to L.A. among his three last matches, Oscar Pareja is doing work in Dallas. Look out for some big upcoming matches that could assert Dallas as a title contender.

The Oregonian

Rank: 5 (Last week: 8)

Comment: Big win against Seattle was needed, they had lost three of their previous four games. They trail third-place Real Salt Lake by one point, finishing third means they would avoid the wild card game...


Rank: 6 (Last week: 6)

Comment: In his first start since May, David Texeira scored twice in a 3-1 defeat of Seattle Wednesday and by doing so allayed suspicions that FCD doesn't have much depth. He hadn't netted since an April 12 game against the Sounders. His two goals, plus one by Blas Perez, plus a pair of assists for Anders Escobar as he worked both flanks, tamped down fears the team is overly dependent on Fabio Castillo, who sat out the game with a hamstring injury, and rookie Tesho Akindele. FCD is keeping up the pressure on RSL in the race to finish no lower than third and avoid the one-game, play-in scenario.