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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Hello October!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We're at the midway point in this week as FC Dallas is getting prepared to deal with Vancouver this weekend. Here are some morning links to get you all started today.

// FC Dallas //

Playoff tickets on sale now |

It may seem a little early to be selling tickets but FCD is 99.9% clinched as it is. If they're going to be in that wildcard game, I'd hope they do enough early ticket sells to pack the place.

Yoga on the pitch |

This event sounds pretty cool, for those who enjoy yoga at least. But proceeds go to a good cause.

// MLS //

Watson says the Kinnear to SJ talk is just part of the business |

Mark Watson still has a job with San Jose but for how much longer? That team has a new stadium coming and you know they'll want to open it in as much style as they can.

Whitecaps believe they can compete with the best |

Vancouver sees themselves in a playoff spot right now. Hopefully FCD can knock them off their confidence a bit here this weekend.

Vincent Tan to own LA2? |

Oh the rumors are starting to swirl around who might be the new owners in LA for Chivas USA...or whatever they're going to be called. Tan is one of the names apart of a group being thrown out there. This one seems to have some legs to it so we'll see. Hopefully Tan is there to just write big fat checks for this club.

Sizing up the MVP race |

Plenty of good names on this list that you'd expect to see. I don't have too many issues with any of them mentioned either.

BWP a MVP? You bet | Once a Metro

While the SBN crew didn't include Bradley Wright-Phillips in their MVP talk, the NY blog seems to think they're wrong. I'll continue to say though that if he gets that goal record, the MVP race may swing his way. I don't think he is even the most valuable guy on his team.

State of play with 4 weeks to go | Sounder at Heart

FCD is still riding strong at 99.7% in this. I can't decide what will be more exciting in the final weeks, the Supporters Shield race or the race in the Eastern Conference. Also that CCL discussion is interesting, basically if FCD doesn't jump RSL in the final month, they'll probably miss out on a spot unless they win MLS Cup.

LA's future and Chivas' future | LAG Confidential

The folks watching the Galaxy are smiling a little bit more with this Chivas-hiatus news. Basically they know the time is coming that they'll finally own the StubHub Center all to themselves. I do hope it means they'll make some upgrades and improvements to the place too. I've often wondered these last couple of seasons as to how much (if any) Chivas has put a damper on the Galaxy's ability to sell tickets in that stadium.

Alright that is all for the morning. I'll let you good people have at it in the comments section below.