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FC Dallas 2014 SuperDraft Strategies

With a top five pick, FCD has plenty of options on hand.

Ned Dishman

Believe it or not, the 2014 MLS SuperDraft is next week. While FC Dallas is still working out how to get Oscar Pareja on board as their next head coach, the rest of the front office staff, including technical director Fernando Clavijo are busy working up their draft strategies.

This weekend the MLS Combine takes place and there, FCD will find who they want to pick with the number five overall pick in the 2014 SuperDraft. But looking at this draft, FCD has plenty of options with that number five pick. It seems like it is a good time to discuss those options.

Do you go for someone you need? Or get the best player available? Draft a senior or a Generation adidas player? Let's dive into all of them.

Draft what you need

Yes the new coach, Pareja, Ferruzzi or whomever, may have more say in these first couple of options but the fact is you use the draft to get players you need to build a roster up. FCD is in a slight re-building mode as it is this winter and getting what they need in terms of positions on the roster for the depth chart is what they should do. Currently as it stands, the club has a definite need in the midfield both on the flanks and in the middle. Drafting attacking talent is always risky in the draft but when you look at the people involved that will be drafting these players, I'm not too worried about the chance of drafting a quality attacker.

Draft best available player

We'll likely touch more on this option later on as it may be the best one for FCD this time around. That may also mean drafting another defender. When a Generation adidas player like Christian Dean is the best available, you take him. If that guy is an attacker like Patrick Mullins, you take him.

Draft a Generation adidas player

This goes partly into the first couple of options as well. This year the GA class could be pretty solid with a couple more players likely to sign this week along with the four that signed last week. GA players come with no salary cap hit, which make drafting them a risk worth taking. FCD has taken their fair share of GA players over the years, including last year, when they surprised some folks by snagging Walker Zimmerman at the number seven spot.

Trade pick

Sitting as high as FCD does will likely mean that teams will come calling for a trade. This may be the first year in the last few that trading down in the draft may make the most sense for the long-term of the team. The attacking talent in this draft is suspect like in most drafts with a lack of a true impact player that is worth taking early. Throw in the fact that the talent that is there in the draft is more on the defensive side, which is an area that FCD doesn't truly need to add to at the moment. Trading down a couple spots to get some allocation money may be the smart move here as FCD can still draft a decent depth player, and who knows, possibly even a GA player as we've seen some slide in years past to the late first round.

Draft defensively

The old saying goes, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'...or something along those lines. FCD has made a killing over the last few years by drafting defensive in the draft. So why change that strategy now? There is enough defensive talent in this draft that adding another defender, especially a one with a GA tag, could be beneficial for 2014. Get a defender early, send him out on loan as quickly as you can and hope for the best.