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Expectations Heading Into the Draft

Dallas doesn't stand much of a chance to make the playoffs in its current state, but there is still time for things to change.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The New Year has come and gone, and FCD fans find themselves adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

What can fans expect of FCD this season, at least at this point in time?

Honestly, not much. Right now the roster is just adequate enough to field a competitive side that tries hard, but not much else. There are potential upsides to the roster, such as Peter Luccin regularly showing the form he displayed in the few minutes he got last season, and Zach Loyd getting back to his old self. Eric Hassli as well could finally perform at the level we are expecting him to.

These would all be welcome changes, and they aren't crazy hopes to hold. But at the moment, this team has nothing resembling a side that can challenge for a top spot. With the team currently constructed as it is, getting into the playoffs would be a big triumph.

The team's strength continues to be the defense and goalkeeper. While the Toros' last line of defense is formidable, it will eventually crumble if the trojan horse that is FCD's midfield keeps allowing players in willy nilly. The forward corps meanwhile, consists of the always excellent Blas Perez, the ghost of Hassli, and a lot of hope.

The midfield? Best if we not speak of it much. It's also been covered to death, so not much explanation is needed.

As you can see, this team isn't poised to challenge much at all next season unless one or two things change:

1) Get a Head Coach: Dallas needs the luxury variety, the kind stored in the expensive refrigetated section of a winery. If someone finds Oscar Pareja hiding in a cask somewhere, please knock on the barrel and tell him FC Dallas needs him. This team is going to need a very talented manager to get the most out of a (currently) completely average team. This average and hard working group of players could make some noise with good direction and proper usage.

2) More players: Dallas needs players like a leper needs glue. There are desperate needs at midfield and forward and they simply must be filled, and quickly, in order to have a smoother transition into the next season. Having a manager in place sure would make the task of picking those players easier though...

What do you think FCD fans? The hopes of this team run from "second to last in the table" to "playoff team". Which do you find more likely?

We will revisit this topic before First Kick 2014. Hopefully by then, some positive changes will have taken place.