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FCD Stock Report: New Year's Edition

Who is up and who is down as FC Dallas goes into the new year.

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Stock Up

Mauro Diaz

FC Dallas decided to move in a new direction by letting David Ferreira's contract expire effectively closing the page on the talisman's most productive time in Frisco. Who is next up it be the face of the franchise? Mauro Diaz. The magical Argentinian played very well in the time he was healthy last year, scoring some beautiful goals. Is he ready to step in to El Torito's little big shoes? Time will tell, but the releases of Nunez, Jackson, and Ferreira seem to be an indication that the big bosses at Toyota Stadium are ready to "hand the keys to the offense" to Diaz. He is an exciting young player. I am excited to see how he does with a preseason under his belt.

Ryan Hollingshead

A fascinating story if I have ever seen one, Ryan Hollingshead decided to forego a professional career in soccer to embark on a mission to build a church. Ryan claims the experience was much-needed in order to make him a better person and (eventually) a professional. Ryan has some high hopes in him from FCD Nation. He's that sound tactical wing player that they have been clamoring for, the polar opposite of the departed Jackson. Does he have the ability to play well after this religious hiatus? Clavijo and Co seem to hope so.

Moises Hernandez
One of the players I am personally intrigued to see in the red and white this season is Moises Hernandez. This was a player who had promise, but had zero chance of cracking the lineup with the likes of Zach Loyd and Jair Benitez in the mix. Add in the signings of Michel, Woodberry, and Acosta and Moises seemed to have lost his place on the squad, let alone the lineup. Then came the deal that had us all applauding: Hernandez loaned to get more playing time. He cracked the lineup in Guatemala and was fortunate enough to obtain the one item that escapes most promising young players: playing time. Moises returns to Dallas a promising young left back prospect. He could be overtaking Benitez for the starting job come preseason. I cannot wait to see if his quality has improved as a player. Think about FCD starting two HG players on their back line. That is quite remarkable if you ask me.

Stock Down

Front Office
If FC Dallas signs a coach one minute after this article is posted and that coach is Oscar Pareja, you can take the front office out of this section. Until that happens, the front office has failed us this offseason. They have not lived up to their own deadlines for a coaching appointment. Even more troublesome than that is the fact that FCD made a lot of personnel decisions without having a gaffer. Imagine beinga coach who was excited to come in and coach Kenny Cooper only to have him be traded away before you were hired. Again, these are a couple of examples of what has gone wrong this offseason but these would be rendered useless if the search ends with an amazing hire. It's looking less likely that this is going to happen though.

Raul Fernandez
Recently linked to a return to Peru, no move seems imminent. However, the rumor had us all thinking, "does FC Dallas really need Raul at the salary he is being paid?" I admire Fernandez's talents. He is one of the best shot-stoppers in the league. However, we need to look past emotional attachment for a second. Seitz is an excellent backup, so could Fernandez departing pave the way for a Mexican starlet featuring on a regular basis at FC Dallas Stadium? Richard Sanchez would not be a bad substitute and the fact that some of us are not very troubled by the fact that Fernandez might leave means his stock is not as high as it once was.

Food For Thought:

1. What's Mauro's ideal position? CAM, Deep Lying Forward, CM, or Winger?
2. Do you think Hollingshead will allow FC Dallas fans to forget Jackson?
3. Moises or Jair as the starting left back?
4. If it happens, is Marco Ferruzzi a failure of a hire after this extensive search?
5. Would you be willing to part with Raul Fernandez at the right price?