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FCD Links: News for Thursday January 30, 2014

Plenty of topics to get your morning started right as FC Dallas heads to UAE today.


Today is a big day for FC Dallas, as they become the first MLS side to travel to the Middle East for a preseason trip. We'll try to dive more into that trip in the coming days but first up is a look at some morning links to get your day started off right. This seemed to go over well with the masses yesterday and we'll continue to tweak it with some of the suggestions you all posed.

The first big thing is still what to call this daily piece. We had lots of good suggestions. I think one day next week we'll open things up in a polling matter to decide which name to use. My early favorites include: Oven Fresh News, Tex Hooper's Bathroom Reading Bulletin, Hoop du Jour, and Tundra Times. Please continue to send in name suggestions!

USWNT Open Training Session |

I'm excited about this US women's game this week and so should you. The ladies will be out today at 4pm. The weather is expected to be a little warmer so it should be a great time to come out and see them!

Akindele's SuperDraft Story |

Somehow I missed this story last week but I'm glad I stumbled upon it today. Tesho was certainly a surprise pick to us all but the kid has a good story worth reading.

LA Galaxy II will be worth watching |

My day slipped away from me yesterday, I really wanted to talk about this more but we'll get the ball rolling with this one. LA gets to be the test dummy in this USL team experiment. Which in a way is a good thing for FCD.

Marco Pappa signs with MLS |

Seattle is the top team in the allocation order but FCD is sitting at number four. But things may not be easy for Seattle with Erik Friberg coming back into the mix for them as well. Pappa does want to return to Chicago but I hear his salary may be around 300k...pass.

Orange Cards? Seriously? |

A FIFA president candidate wants to bring in some strange new rules, like a sin-bin type card. I do like some of his suggestions though.

MLS Preseason Game Streams |

While FCD is in the Middle East, there will be plenty of other MLS games to enjoy in the coming days.

DC United's Intra-conference games in 2014 |

A very cool look at how the schedule lays out for DCU this year by the BR&U gang. Seriously great work to show just how complicated the unbalanced schedule really is for MLS clubs.

What happens when a beer company can't afford a Super Bowl ad |

I freakin' love Anna Kendrick. Don't worry, it's not to a stocker level kind of love.

And lastly, I give you a random soccer stadium to stare at while you drink your morning coffee/tea/beer/etc.

John Smith's Stadium, home of Huddersfield Town.



Feel free to use this thread for your day's commentary as well. Don't forget to leave a naming suggestion as well!