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Would Jermaine Jones Work For FC Dallas?

With the USMNT regular set to leave Schalke, teams are jockeying for position in order to acquire his services.

Micha Will

First things first: There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that Jermaine Jones is coming to FCD. If God himself directed Jones to come to Frisco, I think he might actually prefer to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight than come to MLS, especially when much bigger clubs are looking at hiring him, at least, at this point in his life.

I would love to be wrong though, so let's speculate:

With Jones set to leave Schalke 04 soon, would his playstyle and salary requirements be what FC Dallas needs?

On a technical level, Jermaine Jones is exactly what FC Dallas needs to strengthen the weakest part of team, plugging a massive hole in the midfield that last season allowed teams to easily transition into the attacking third against the Toros. He's a disruptive, hard tackling (some would say too hard) force that is perfectly suited the holding midfield role that has been sorely lacking since the decline of Daniel Hernandez. His presence would allow Diaz, Perez and Castillo the freedom to attack more aggressively with less risk involved.

But solid defensive midfielders can be found for much cheaper than the kind of money Jones commands. The concern in our fantasy land signing of the American international is less about "Can we use him and is he good enough?" and more about "Is this a smart way to spend our money?"

Would you be willing to spend the millions it would take to sign him, or would you spend the money elsewhere?