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FCD Links: News for Wednesday January 29, 2014

We're trying something new.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

So we're trying something a little bit new here today. A morning link post to get your day started right. Normally we do a weekly news update that focuses more on FC Dallas and the US men's national team. That weekly feature won't be going away anytime soon. I've been tossing around the idea of linking out to some MLS-related items for a while now and figured with the preseason under way, that today would be a solid day to give this a try.

Brian 'Cobi' Span Q&A |

Just call him Cobi. Simple enough right?

2014 Home Jersey Pre-Sale Info |

Get your new home jersey today! Seriously, this year's kits are going to be great, just you wait and see.

Behind the scenes at the Philadelphia Union's SuperDraft |

Andrew Wiebe from the MLS site had this up yesterday. It's a long form article that follows the Philadelphia Union's Draft day. If you missed this yesterday, take the time and read it today. Seriously. Do it. There are some FC Dallas nuggets in there as well from when the teams were swapping picks early on in the draft.

Early odds for MLS Cup | ProSoccerTalk

So FC Dallas is a 25/1 odd right now to win it all this year. Not the best odds but certainly not the worst. Odd that no MLS team is worse than 66/1 odds (Chivas).

Beckham to hold a press conference next week in Miami | Miami Herald

Expansion is coming to Miami whether we want it or not. Honestly, I think it will work out this time around.

Maurice Edu is back in MLS...but it was complicated to get him there |

Philly landed Mo Edu...good for them. Honestly, I wish FCD could have made a play for his services.

Seattle tops the MLS Allocation now | Sounder At Heart

So now that Philly has Edu, they move to the bottom of the MLS Allocation, Seattle moves to the top. So what good will it do for the Sounders? A side note, FCD is now number 4 in that order...hello summer signing?

A Lifetime of Soccer Boots - My Most Memorable | The Original Winger

Oh this is good from Dunny. I know I have a few boots still hanging around the house that I put on from time to time to kick the ball around in the back yard.

Got any links you want to share here today? Or a favorite boot you used to/or still wear? Also, we need a clever name for this daily thing...if you have a good name, suggest it below! Feel free to use this thread for your daily discussion today on these items or anything else that you'd like to discuss!