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FC Dallas Stock Report - Preseason Edition

Preseason training begins this week, so it's time to see who comes in trending up!

Jared Wickerham


Dan Hunt

"Dan got his man!" "Dan got his man!" "Dan got his man!"

FC Dallas got their man.

Clark got his man.

This is exciting for me as an FC Dallas fan. Since the very beginning, I could tell something was different about Dan Hunt. I can't explain it, but he just had a certain aura about him from day one. Believe it or not, I could feel his love for the club and I can tell that many fans feel the same way. Doug Quinn did many things for this club, but I never felt DTID from him. Dan Hunt is DTID.

Why? Dan brought Oscar back. Dan rewarded the FC Dallas faithful. Clark tied Dan up and rewarded Dan. In doing so, I wholeheartedly believe Clark rewarded the FC Dallas fans. Got all that? Good. Me neither. I'm just excited and all of y'all should be too. We are in good hands, FC Dallas fans!

Tesho Akindele

Colorado School of Mines? Yeah, me neither. FC Dallas traded down and then back up to grab "their man" with the 6th overall pick in the 2014 MLS Superdraft. By doing so, they also acquired an international slot. This is a risky move. If you don't think so, you are a bit delusional. Someone who was not on some people's draft boards until the second round, this move reminded me a lot of the (don't hate me) Dallas Cowboys last draft. They picked Frederick in what was considered a reach, but the rookie played well last season in one of the few bright spots of the season. Akindele has the tools to succeed. He can be FC Dallas' own overachieving rookie. The coaches were high on him, so they pulled the trigger. He seems like a character guy and is an intelligent young man. I don't know about y'all, but I trust Oscar. This pick has the imprints of Mr. Pareja all over it and that's certainly not a bad thing. A small school in Colorado and an ex-Colorado coach. Coincidence? I think not. Akindele's arrow has been moving upwards since the Combine started. The only question now is if this will be its peak?

Fabian Castillo

Oscar Pareja's hire gives Fabian Castillo's stock a big boost. If I remember correctly, Pareja let Fabian stay at his house when he was getting on his feet in the earlier stages of his career with the Hoops. Fast forward a few years and Fabian has not really been the impact type player that FC Dallas fans were hoping he would be. The good news is that if anybody can motivate Fabian to work his tail off and achieve his potential, that person is now the gaffer in charge of FC Dallas. All of us expect great things from Castillo this year. He has always had the physical ability to do so. Can he finally sharpen that mental aspect of his game that will push him to the next level?


Young Academy Forwards

Unless they get loan time, Jonathan Top and Bradlee Baladez will probably struggle to obtain minutes for this team. Ryan Hollingshead, Akindele, Blas Perez, Castillo, and Eric Hassli will all fight for minutes up top (or on the wings if the 4-3-3 is employed). I believe FC Dallas is still in the market for another forward. Rumor had it that they had a signing lined up but it fell through. If this is truly the case, these boys will have a hard time cracking the lineup. They need to be loaned out to further develop and create a tactical and technical awareness that comes from the practice and repetition of game time.

Let's Chat!

Who do you feel benefited this team more? Dan Hunt or Doug Quinn (pre-arrest)?

Did FC Dallas reach for Tesho Akindele?

Is this season make or break for Fabian Castillo?

Do any of y'all see Top or Baladez playing a big role in the upcoming season, or do you think they need another year of development?