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Hunts See New Flexibility In Owning Just One MLS Team

The 2014 season will be the first full season that the Hunts will own just one MLS franchise.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday morning was a big day for FC Dallas. Not only was FC Dallas introducing their sixth head coach in fan favorite Oscar Pareja and Dan Hunt was being showed off as the new club's president, but the day truly marked a dawn of a new era for the team and it's owners.

To say that 2013 was a big year for the Hunts Sports Group, may be putting it lightly. After getting the club a jersey sponsor in late 2012, the club finally found a new stadium partner in Toyota. But in the middle of the summer the Hunts also sold the Columbus Crew, leaving them with one Major League Soccer club to own, FC Dallas.

Hunt Sports Group chairman Clark Hunt said he has had a lot of time to ponder about the how his family would handle owning just one team.

"It's a question that really hasn't been asked," explained Clark Hunt. "I sat around a lot in the last couple months of this process and thought about it. We've had two and at times three MLS teams and it is great to be able to focus all of your energy on one team and be about making it the best in Major League Soccer.

"Generally that was our goal with Columbus and Dallas but when you have two things occupying your time, it makes it that much more challenging. Now we can really focus all of our energies on FC Dallas. We have base here, whether it is facilities or whether it is the quality of people that we have here, our youth academy, so we have a lot of things that can really make FC Dallas the best in Major League Soccer."

The new FC Dallas president Dan Hunt agreed, joking that his brother had more free time now as well.

"There is an unlimited opportunity here from a fan base, to the city of Frisco," said Dan Hunt. "Our youth system is top notch and with Oscar back here we think it will continue to grow. We can see that path for academy players to get into the first team. There are so many great opportunities for us here and we're very excited by it."

The team is also able to increase their focus on filling Toyota Stadium each and every week.

"We've done a great job and it is a credit to the staff here," said Dan. "The year over year increase has been wonderful but we're excited about 2014. We are really seeing ticket sales spike, especially after the announcement of Oscar."

Dan was quick to say that the increase of season tickets that the club has seen over the last few weeks was mostly of former ticket holders that were returning because of Pareja's hiring.